We sell Gelato as well as Fudge

We are happy to announce we now sell gelato!

Ely Fudge Staff serving our delicious fusion of English fudge and Sicilian gelatoTasty Sicilian Gelato in exclusive flavoursSince the summer of 2021, Ely Fudge Company has been the proud purveyor of a wide variety of Sicilian gelato including 2 exclusive flavours. Vanilla & Cream Fudge gelato and Salted Caramel Fudge gelato are made with our own delicious fudge churned through it, to make the perfect fusion of English and Sicilian traditions.

If homemade fudge gelato wasn’t enough... we also have 8 other varieties of gelato to suit your every mood, from zesty lemon using Sicilian lemons to velvety pistachio or silky dark chocolate to classic tiramisu.  All are made fresh by Aromi’s gelatiere daily, using organic milk from approved local farmers which makes it super creamy.

Try a scoop, or two, of our gelato from Aromi, a perfect compliment to our handmade English fudgeAromi are a family with a long tradition of providing a blend of Sicilian and Italian cooking and have perfected their gelato, selling it only in Cambridge, and have built a quality brand that is well-known and sought after.

So, why not pop in to us at Ely Fudge Company to have a taste of summer!  Whether it’s a single scoop in a cup or a triple scoop in a chocolate cone with fudge crumbs and chocolate flakes. Give it a go, we promise a treat you will never forget!

Flavourful Sicilian Gelato, a taste of Summer!
Tasty Aromi Gelato, a taste of Sicily
Homemade fudge gelato, the perfect fusion of English and Sicilian traditions