How is our fudge made?

Our fudge is handmade fresh daily, in our shop in Ely, no fudge is bought in, so you can be assured it is all handcrafted by one of our small team.  Using traditional methods, we create crumbly, traditional English fudge in a wide variety of flavours to suit every taste.  Everything is packaged in our shop too so we can make bespoke gifts to delight everyone! You can read more about how we make fudge in our Ely shop by clicking here.

How do we store the fudge?

Our fudge doesn’t need to be refrigerated, it has a shelf life of 4 – 5 months from when it is made.  It should be stored at an ambient temperature, in an airtight container, if taken out of the sealed packaging.

Can our fudge be frozen?

If you want to save your fudge for longer it can be frozen.  Wrap it in foil or cling film and freeze.  Defrost in a cool place for a couple of hours.

Where can I find the allergen information?

All our fudges are made with fresh dairy ingredients, therefore they all contain milk and butter.  Most of them are gluten free and some flavours contain other allergens such as soya, nuts etc but this information can be found in the nutritional information of each product.  All our fudges are made in premises where nut and gluten traces could be found. Please read here for a full list of ingredients and further allergen information.

Is our fudge vegetarian Suitable?

Almost all of our fudges are vegetarian friendly.  However, the only instance where they are not is where we use marshmallows or sweets containing gelatine for seasonal specials.  The suitability can be found within the nutritional information of each product.

Is our fudge vegan Friendly?

We can now offer our Vegan Coconut Vanilla Fudge which is 100% Vegan friendly. Available in our Gift boxes and Cellophane packets, take a look!

Can I personalise my gifts?

If you have particular ideas for the gift wrapping and or ribbon colours for your box, or if you would like a personal message enclosed for the recipient, please let us know at the checkout stage.

What are your opening hours?

Our opening hours vary seasonally and up to date times can be found on Google, Facebook, Bing and Yell. Generally we are open 7 days a week March - Christmas Eve (including bank holidays) with reduced hours / days through January and February.